Many of you know that I do mission trips from time to time. Recently I have felt God impress me to step it up and do more.

These trips have been very productive and successful. I could share many stories, I will share a couple here:

In Nigeria a few years back, I had the opportunity to preach with our Nigeria UPCI Superintendent Gerald McLean in a Trinitarian Church with a congregation of about 300. When we finished, the bishop of that congregation was baptized in Jesus Name, he in turn baptized his ministry staff and they began baptizing the entire congregation in the Name of Jesus Christ!

Another time in Nigeria in a ministers conference that was open to the public, we had around 40 Trinitarian pastors in attendance. We taught prophecy and ended with a session on the Oneness of God and Jesus Name. At the end of the session the elder Trinitarian of that area stood up shaking declaring that he saw it, that they must listen to this teaching, it is Truth. He had opposed monolithic doctrine for years. We baptized between 12 to 15 Trinitarian pastors immediately and they continued to baptize them over the next several weeks from that conference.

In Tanzania last year with Tanzania Superintendent Richard Smoak, we had over 350 receive the Holy Ghost and over 100 receive their healing, many with significant healings!

Recently in Johannesburg SA Regional Director Gary Abernathy, we had several hundred receive the Holy Ghost, renewals and healings!

Every missions door that God has opened for us, there has been incredible results!

These trips are expensive. I daresay that few of us could afford to fund these trips or many of them on our own, but partnered together we can make this happen. I too am giving to this with my own money as well as supporting other missionaries. I mention that only to let you know that I’m partnered in this with those that are helping support this.

Through monthly pledges, we can share this ministry wherever God opens the door for it to go. Please consider partnering with us on a monthly basis. UPCI Global Missions will accept as little as $10. per month and the sky is the limit to what you can give per month.

Click on the image below, download the form, and send it either to me or to the address printed in the bottom left hand corner.

Thank you for your consideration and God Bless You!

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