Gauteng South Africa Conference
Heaven Is Real
Easter Weekend

We were so blessed to have Evangelist Keith Fletcher come and minister at our largest district in United Pentecostal Church of South Africa, Gauteng.

His ministry was very timely, and with such an anointing, a ministry following and flowing with the Spirit each service.

He was truly a blessing to our people.  On the first night after service as we were leaving the auditorium working our way out through the crowd and I had a man shake my hand and say, “Thank you Brother Abernathy for inviting our guest.”

Our first night he ended with a ministry of connecting our people in faith and several who came to church suffering with pain but after a prayer of faith they witnessed their pain was no longer there.

We could sense the connection growing the second night with an understanding of the truth taught in the scripture that there is an imminent coming of Jesus to rapture His church His bride and we must be ready, looking for that return.

Then on Easter Sunday his ministry rekindled the belief there is a heaven with all its beauty and glory.  Wow this service experienced a powerful move of the Holy Ghost.

Each service was blessed with a move of God with those renewed in the Spirit and those who received the Holy Ghost for the first time.

Thank you Brother Fletcher for your time and sacrifice in coming to South Africa to minister.

I as a missionary want to say I so enjoyed our time of fellowship, and in our time discussing the work of God and the word of God.  It was a blessing to me personally.

Our prayer is that God will continue leading your ministry in these last days to awaken His church to His imminent return.

Gary Abernathy
Missionary Zambia
Area Coordinator South Central Africa


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