Daniel 7:25
25  And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

John Gill’s Expository explains the Antichrist will wear out the saints of the most high by his wars with them, and murders and massacres of them; by taking away their lives and their substance; so lessening their numbers, and weakening their strength and power, wear them out, as a garment is wore out, as the word signifies; utterly consume and destroy them, at least in his own apprehensions; which will be the case when the witnesses will be slain, (Revelation 11:8-10), and especially will wear out their patience, or however thoroughly exercise it. The word, in the Arabic language, signifies “to afflict and handle roughly”: and such usage the saints have met with, more or less, in all ages, from the man of sin.

This is a time still yet to come, but it describes our day even now as a spirit of Antichrist on the warpath against the church seeks to kill, steal and destroy! 1 John 4:3 tells us the spirit of Antichrist is already working in the world.

Even some news media, psychologist, and professionals recognize the negative influence of the constant exposure of violence, negative news, and twisted relationship lifestyles effect on society. Reports tell the story with psychologist backing them up of the effect of social media on mental health. Gaming is having a devastating effect with all age groups. Anxiety is gripping our world and its not just because of bad politics and government!

Technological advancement is happening so fast that the learning curve is leaving techies in the dust, more specialization is needed within technology, but if you don’t stay on the cutting edge in that certain area, your soon on the outside looking in.

Hijrah is Muslim immigration, a form of silent Jihad to breakdown societal infrastructure of the enemy. It is immigration schemed to take over nations without firing a shot. A look at the UK will convince you that it’s working. Many major cities in England have Muslim mayors today.

The world pushes, there are many ways to Christ, choose the path you want to follow, live a good life, and we’ll all meet up on the sunny side of heaven. Today the lines that use to be clearly black and white aren’t even gray any more. The message has been watered down and washed out to a state of no substance. Scripture has been twisted and added to, to facilitate all lifestyles to accommodate living for Christ anyway that one wants to. Some religions clergy state that atheist, homosexuals, those living promiscuous lifestyles are all going to heaven – just live a good life!

Even the delay of Christ return found in 2 Peter 3:3 can be an agent of spiritual burnout with the one with shallow relationship with Christ.

An Antichrist spirit is working hard breaking down sound thinking, instilling fear, anxiety, oppression, depression, attacking with the negativeness of everyday life seeking to wear out individuals to succumb to demonic reasoning.

A shallow relationship with Christ in this hour equals being a statistic of the falling away crowd! What can be shaken is being shaken!

We have to balance the attack out with prayer, fasting, study of God’s Word so that our minds remain sharpened and sensitive to the spirit of God.

The ancient scriptures cry out from the pages of the bible, “He that has an ear, let Him hear what the spirit is saying! (Revelation 2:29) Timeless scripture written during ancient times but very relevant today!

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